Easter Egg Ideas

Finding Easter Eggs in Bangkok is never easy and they can be expensive when you do discover them. We have already seem how to make them using moulds but here are some alternatives which are even easier still… so you have no excuse now! Coconut Cream Eggs Courtesy of Rainbow Hot Coupons Ingredi

Home-made Easter eggs

Finding Easter eggs in Bangkok can not only be difficult but also expensive but did you know that they are actually quite simple to make? The process is a little time consuming but the result is just the same as you will find anywhere. What is even better is that you can tailor them to […]

Fruit vehicles

For fussy eaters who like vehicles, here are some great ideas to get them eating a little fruit. To stick the parts we recommend using Pocky sticks. They tend to be robust enough to hold your vehicle together but you don’t run the risk of impaling your little one’s mouth. You can even design you

Fun Snacks for Healthy Kids

Trying to get children to eat healthily can be difficult. Here are three creative ideas that can be as fun to make as they are to eat. Watermelon Pizza A very simple idea that can be used in role play as well. Set up a pizza shop and call up your child to place an order. Ask […]