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Our Unique Reggio Emilia Approach

Standing out from the vast array of international kindergartens and preschools in Bangkok, we follow the British Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS) with a unique and progressive Reggio Emilia approach. We are firmly aligned with many educational philosophies such as Montessori and Finnish educational philosophies. This is indeed what attracts many parents looking for Montessori or Finnish kindergartens in Bangkok. A full overview of our curriculum, its’ strengths and how our approach compares with other early childhood philosophies click here.

We promote creative freedom through open-ended play, controlled risk and natural ‘loose part’ materials. Nature plays a key role in our curriculum and environment alike. From our beautiful classrooms, to the resources we hand-make and use for play nature is central.

This approach allows us to...


Develop Confidence

  • Knowing every child's specific needs
  • Small group activities
  • Planning achievable objectives
  • Celebrating achievements

Encourage Independence

  • Modeling skills and actions
  • Supporting not doing
  • Encouragement approach
  • Self learning project approach

Nurture Creativity

  • 'Loose part' play
  • Open-ended resources
  • Child-led Approach
  • Thoughtful play provocations

Provide Protection

  • Air Quality Management
  • Anti Bacterial/ Viral Sanitization
  • Allergen Free Menu
  • Organic Soaps
  • First Aid Trained Staff
  • Immunity Boosting Menu

Support & Guide

  • 1 adult : 4 children
  • Small ability-based groups
  • Ongoing informal assessment
  • Individual Development Planning
  • Daily child focused briefings

Provide Balance

  • Indoor vs Outdoor Play Opportunities
  • Adult support vs Child-led
  • Guided Play vs Free Play
  • Sources of Vitamins and Minerals

BEYC International Kindergarten and Preschool, Bangkok promotes creative freedom through open-ended play, controlled risk activities and the use of natural ‘loose part’ materials. Nature plays a key role in our curriculum and environment alike. From our beautiful classrooms, to the resources we hand-make and use for play nature is central.

Independence and confidence are nurtured through ongoing daily assessments and observations. Having knowledge of individuals’ needs, allows the setting of achievable challenges and the appropriate support to be given to the children, as they move towards their next developmental goals. 

Creative freedom, making choices, researching and planning, reviewing and self-reflecting, are all essential life skills which are nurtured and developed throughout our ‘projects’ approach to learning.

‘Balance’ plays an important role at BEYC and is as relevant in our menu design as it is to the planning of our curriculum and daily routines. From to the provision of indoor vs outdoor play opportunities, adult vs child initiated activities, maintaining a healthy balance is essential. 

We believe in guiding our children towards a solid foundation of both literacy and maths. Aligning ourselves as closely to the ‘Reggio’ philosophy as possible, we use party-style games and activities to create excitement as well as create beautiful provocations to encourage children to practice these essential skills through self-directed play.

Find out more about the philosophies of Reggio Emilia as well as how Montessori, Waldorf, High Scope approaches are all evident in our setting.

Past, Present & Future

BEYC was founded in 2011 by teaching colleagues and friends. As two professional teachers equipped with years of teaching experience between them both in the U.K. and Asia, the idea to create an early years ‘centre of excellence’ was born. Something that didn’t exist. A setting where no single facet of ‘care’ for children was overlooked. Qualifications, experience, skills, class size, adult support, hygiene, security and food, were all a priority.

We consider ourselves up there with the best international kindergartens in Bangkok and we certainly have our eyes firmly set on that goal. In recent years the quality of international schools in the city has improved drastically. There was a time when we were the only school offering organic food for example. Now private schools are starting to realize the importance of pushing themselves to excel. In the most part this is due to the high level of competition. But no matter the reason, this is a fantastic thing to see. And at BEYC we particularly thrive from this competition.

Noteworthy changes:

  • This last year alone has seen the addition of a third teaching assistant in each class of 16 children. This has brought our adult to child ratio down to a secure 1:4! This has been a development goal for a very long time and being a small school this wasn’t a challenge to say the least! 
  • Our consistently strong recruitment of English speaking Thai teachers to join our support staff has meant that spoken English around the school campus continues to improve and we surely excel in our field of international kindergartens as a result. Something we are very proud of. And something that will continue to improve with time.
  • The school menu, a constant focus for improvement, both in terms of nutritional value, and exciting dishes has had another incredible refinement this year. We were lucky to have found and worked with a such a passionate child nutritionist who was excited to help tweak our current menu, as well as design new dishes focusing not only on nutrition but on the colour, presentation and textures to make the menu multi sensory!

Recent developments have seen the interest of some members of the teaching and managerial team securing their future in the school and becoming shareholders. This dream situation will give us the opportunity to expand and create a purpose build setting, with more green space and outside play possibilities, organic farm to grow herbs and vegetables, ateliers for art, music and light, all without compromise. All stakeholders aligned with the beliefs and values of BEYC.

We look forward to what the future brings. 

David Walters and Nicholas Thorne

Directors / Founders