The British Early Years Centre

We are a British International School and Kindergarten located in the popular Ari – Paholyothin area of Bangkok. We follow an adapted British Foundation Stage Curriculum, using a Reggio Emilia approach to some aspects of the curriculum. British Early Years Centre is an International Pre-School with a difference. We are a truly visionary school that seeks to educate children in matters of real importance to their lives and as well as their planet. Many scientific-based topics encourage questioning and logical thinking are taught and emphasis is put on teaching relevant life skills such as coding and programming in I.C.T., construction using tools and materials or the studying about climate change and energy.

A balanced Curriculum

Making Learning Fun

Make Healthy Choices

Commitment to care

Life Relevant Learning

Socially responsible


If you are looking for a great pre-school with WONDERFUL TEACHERS and a WARM, WELCOMING atmosphere, look no further.

Our daughter is attending BEYC since three years (Foundation to Year 1) and ENJOYS going to school every day.
We couldn’t speak higher of the teaching staff. Due to the small number of kids per class, the teachers can SUPPORT every child according to his or her needs.

The curriculum is PLAY-BASED and subjects are taught very INTERACTIVELY. We always felt that all teachers and teaching assistants built a close relationship with our daughter,
helping her to GROW academically and personally. Despite its small size, BEYC offers GREAT CLASSROOM AND OUTDOOR FACILITIES.

When it comes to enrolling our younger daughter in a pre-school soon, she will certainly attend BEYC.”

Markus & Britta W.

A balanced Curriculum

‘Balance’ is central to our philosophy. We believe in a balance of child-initiated play and adult-initiated play. We believe in a balance of indoor and outdoor activities as well as a balance of types of play. The preschool programme is set up to allow children to lean topic, phonics, maths and Thai through a balance of fine-motor play, gross-motor play, sensory play, small-world play and role play.

Making Learning Fun

Learning should be fun and the way all schools and kindergartens approach education needs to be changed. Children should have the chance to learn as adults do. We don’t force children to learn but rather we encourage them through our fun activities. More often than not the children want to join in our lessons. We help the children discover learning as a way of life, rather than a process that is just one part of it.

“Our son attended the school for 3 years, and in that time, learnt about MICHAELANGELO  and DAVID BOWIE,

developed a fierce PASSION FOR LEARNING new things, especially science, and most importantly, GREW SOCIALLY,
with teachers who helped him NAVIGATE EMOTIONS AND INTERACTIONS.

Some say teachers are meant to instruct and parents to educate,
but there’s a whole lot of education going on at BEYC too. We are grateful to have been part of its FAMILY during our son’s CRUCIAL EARLY YEARS.”


Sze and Christian

Educating Children To Make Healthy Choices.

We move quickly to make sure we keep up with quality scientific research. Care doesn’t just mean having more teachers and early years specialists in the classroom; it means a commitment to protecting your child whilst instilling in them the knowledge and independence to keep themselves safe and secure, healthy and happy.

A quality learning environment should provide children safety and security but should also allow them to explore, discover and makes their own mistakes, learning learn their own lessons. Our role is to make sure that they do this in a way that keeps them safe and supports their curiosity.

Commitment to care

As an International School in Bangkok we wanted to offer as healthy a service as we possibly can. Children swim in a salt-water swimming pool and all the cleaning products used are natural and non-toxic. Shampoos, hand soaps, sanitizers and other cleaning agents are all made from natural safe ingredients with an emphasis on purity.

  • All of our food is locally sourced with an emphasis on being organic and free of additives and nasty pesticides.
  • With poor nutrition plaguing today’s lifestyle we have made sure that our menu follows the best dietary advice to offer dishes that are not only nutritionally balanced but are also fun and engaging for children; with the goal of creating positive attitudes towards healthy eating.
  • We have worked with scientists to develop our own chemical and fragrance free range of soaps.
  • With pollution in Bangkok worsening over recent years we have purchased two AQI monitors so that we can react in real time to changes in PM 2.5 both inside and outside the classrooms.
“From what our son, Akira, narrates us every evening, we are assured 100% that BEYC is all about “LEARNING”.

Thanks to phonics, in which the school particularly excels, Akira can read and write simple sentences.
And, because of this newly found ability, he seems to ABSORB new information faster now,
and is more EAGER to EXPLORE new topics such as science.
Before BEYC, he was not much interested in art, but after a year in the school with a GREAT art programme, he now begs us to buy paper and water colour.

We find all the teachers very DEDICATED and PROFESSIONAL, showering children with just-right amount of LOVING CARE and discipline.”


Nagatani-Yoshida Kakuko

Life Relevant Learning

It is our job, not only as educators but as responsible adults to make sure children grow to an age where they are old enough, wise enough and informed enough to be able to make important lifestyle choices by themselves. At every step children are learnt to question “why?” This is nothing new and is a key part of all good school curricula around the world, but we take it further. We look into the psychology of learning and don’t just ask children to question everything, but we take away the barriers that make children afraid to ask. We do not enforce time outs or punishments but rather reward good behaviour and make children aware that being good leads to rewards. We don’t force children to say “please” and “thank you” but rather we teach them that it makes people feel happy and they have the choice to make people happy or sad.

“We’ve really observed Dylan’s development accelerate within just a 6 month period at BEYC.
 His SOCIAL INTERACTION, language skill, level of INQUISITIVENESS of the world, LOGIC (sometimes working against us!)

all improved rapidly and he even has FUN learning phonics and number games.  It’s a lovely HOMELY facility with FRIENDLY staff and

SMALL TEACHING GROUPS and a curriculum that clearly works.”


Paul and Nipa Haines

Socially responsible

Just being socially responsible ourselves is not enough. In today’s world it is vital to teach children the importance of taking care of the planet that they live in. The curriculum at BEYC helps children to empathise with important issues driving our modern world. Our goal is to work with the children on projects that instill in them a will to create a better world. Not only do children learn about pressing issues within topics but they also run their own extra curricular campaigns including:

  • charity work
  • sustainable living projects
  • social awareness drives
  • and conservation initiatives.

We also do our bit outside the classroom too:

  • promoting natural organic cleaning products
  • reducing plastic waste
  • reducing food waste
  • using locally sources suppliers
  • promoting the use of a Bag For Life
  • and much more…

We want the next generation to be better than the last.

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