Year 1 (5-6 yrs)

Please note that the boundaries of the British Early Years Foundational Stage curriculum cannot be clearly marked by age group. The following expectations across the British Curriculum's developmental areas are guidelines only.

We challenge children who make advances in certain areas just as we support those children slower to achieve developmental targets.


Play continues to become more and more elaborate with more complex rules being imagined and explained to peers. With secure fine motor and gross motor skills the children manipulate and use tools and equipment to make far more detailed creations in both the indoor and outdoor environments.


Over the course of Year 1 the children will take independence and independent learning to new levels. Now fully equipped with language and organisation skills, the children will be able to direct many aspect of their learning themselves. They are confident and understand that they access to a wealth of resources and materials once they design and plan their project work. The children are very aware of food and habits which act to keep them healthy and safe, and are able to communicate this knowledge with younger peers.


Reading and writing become very secure means of communication over this year. Daily Phonics activities allow for the practice and development of more complex aspects of spelling, grammar and pronunciation. These areas are learnt relatively quickly at this stage and put into practice with ease.

Stories and recounts of trips and experiences are written with varying lengths and support. Books are read daily with fluency and fluidity.

Physical Development:

Children are confident and agile movers able to play target, invasion and evasion games with ease. They now have good hand-eye coordination and confidently attempt new activities and sports with higher levels of success.


Year 1 children are extremely confident readers and writers now. They have a very secure understanding of phonics including alternative ways to make and read sounds. They now know many sight words (tricky words) which allows them to make rapid progress in fluency and fluidity when reading.


many mathematical concepts are now secure and the children are able to use their knowledge of the number system during project and play. Measures and space skills are frequently practiced during their design work.

Knowledge of the World

During this year the children will visit many topic areas and undertake the scientific process, conducting experiments whereby they learn the importance of a fair test. Geography, history and general knowledge will see a massive expansion over the year as the children guide the project work with areas of study of interest to them.

Expressive Arts & Design

The children's art, drawing, painting, sculpture as well as design and construction are all skills that the children are confident doing independently and with good knowledge of materials, tools and equipment.


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