Phonics in Bangkok – A parent’s guide to Phase 1 – Aspect 1

wooden toys at british early years centre international kindergarten bangkok

Phase 1 is broken down into 7 Aspects and 3 Strands. Aspect 1: General Sound Discrimination – Environmental Sounds Aspect 2: General Sound Discrimination – Instrumental Sounds Aspect 3 : General Sound Discrimination – Body Percussion Aspect 4 : Rhythm and Rhyme Aspect 5 : Alliteration Aspect 6 : Voice Sounds Aspect 7 : Oral…

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Reggio Emilia – The Principles of the Reggio Emilia Approach

children play during Reggio Emilia project at British Early Years Centre International Kindergarten, Bangkok

This post attempts to introduce and give an overview of the guiding principles and beliefs of the Reggio Emilia Approach. The Hundred Languages of Children The approach emphasizes the importance of children’s symbolic language. The hundred “languages” are the many modes of expression, such as speech, writing, movement, drawing, painting, sculpture, shadow play, collage and…

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Phonics in Bangkok – A parent’s guide to the Curriculum Part 2

phonics at British Early Years Centre International Kindergarten, Bangkok

In this post we cover a brief overview of an enormous syllabus. We do not yet cover the teaching methods used for excellent teaching and practice of letters and sounds. This will be covered in a later post. Phonics Phase 1 – Phase 6 The actual phonics curriculum starts pre-introduction of letter sounds aimed at…

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Why is Nature Play So Important ?

Nature Play at British Early Years Centre International Kindergarten Bangkok

There has never been a time in history when more outside nature play has been needed. Technology, in particular tablet and phone screens, is gradually consuming more and more of children’s free time. Aside from rebalancing children’s activities there are a great number of benefits that we have forgotten about, or perhaps we were never…

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Little Legend – Nature Inspired Play

Little Legend Playsets at British Early Years Centre International Kindergarten

Reggio Emila Playsets and Multi-Sensory Play Resources Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to learning Little Legend create natural play opportunities to inspire imagination and creativity in children. Believing in the importance of nature and the many benefits the connection brings us all, their beautiful playlets, home made sensory play resources such as dough, as…

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Undue Praise

Good job! Well done! Nice work! I myself use these words often. It is something that we have all done and we will no doubt continue to do through forces of habit, but just how useful are these words? GoStrengthsOnline recommend 3 ways to praise children without using these terms and why it is so important…

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Underestimating your child

Wherever I look these days I see articles and commentators making a big thing about not pushing children and that they should be free to enjoy their childhood rather than being thrown into formal learning. I couldn’t agree more, however, it is a shame that so many of these arguments and articles are so narrow…

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The Benefits of Reading

One of the easiest and often most overlooked aspects of child development is simply just taking the time to sit and read together; the emphasis lying with the word “together”. Reading should be a shared experience and not just one way. When we say one way we mean either by the parent reading and the…

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Is My Child Gifted or Talented ?

  What is Giftedness? There are some common characteristics that many gifted children will show, often from a very young age. The following traits and characteristics grouped by type are typical amongst children in their infancy through their early years. Cognitive Excellent memory Fast learner Very good problem solver Large vocabulary for age Highly curious…

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Supermarket Tantrums- A War of Attrition

There is nothing more embarrassing than looking on helplessly as your child throws a temper tantrum in the cereal aisle of Tesco Lotus. Your the CEO of a powerful attorney office. You deal with hard headed, difficult people on a day to day basis. Your skills and deft in areas of negotiation and leadership are what…

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