At the British Early Years Centre we began researching the combining of various academic teachings through different forms of play

Undue Praise

Good job! Well done! Nice work! I myself use these words often. It is something that we have all done and we will no doubt continue to do through forces of habit, but just how useful are these words? GoStrengthsOnline recommend 3 ways to praise children without using these terms and why it is so im

Top 10 Must Have Toys

There are some toys that every family should have at home. They are not expensive and not difficult toys to find, even in Bangkok. We have these toys in schools for a reason so if you haven’t got them at home already, go out now and create a learning environment at home. Sensory boxes- Different [

The Future of Education

What will the world be like in 20 years time? That is a very difficult question. It is hard to even imagine where we will be in 5 years time. With science changing so rapidly and new threats appearing each year what kind of world will our children have to deal with? Will we be mining […]