International Kindergartens In Bangkok : HighScope Schools in Bangkok

HighScope schools in Bangkok

Before discussing the HighScope schools in Bangkok, I’ll briefly outline the history and guiding philosophies of the early year approach. Originating in Michigan in 1962 as the first preschool project for disadvantaged children, the philosophy has seen many milestones in its 50 year life. The HighScope early childhood philosophy is centered around the role of…

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International Kindergartens in Bangkok : Waldorf Schools in Bangkok

Waldorf Schools in Bangkok

Are you looking for a Waldorf school in Bangkok? If so, you might have to look a little further afield! What is Waldorf? Waldorf education was founded in the early 20th century by Emil Molt, the owner of Waldorf Astoria cigarette factory in Stuttgart, Germany. Originally opened for his employees’ children the philosophy of the…

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International Kindergartens in Bangkok : Montessori Schools In Bangkok

Wooden toys used at Montessori kindergartens in Bangkok

Montessori Schools in Bangkok : Something to consider. Montessori Schools in Bangkok and Montessori Kindergartens range and vary immensely throughout the city. So much so that we would suggest some serious investigative research and visits to be done if you are considering a Montessori school in Bangkok for your child. The first thing to understand…

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