Allergy Control

BEYC is an allergen-free environment. Whilst impossible to claim we do not have any allergens, we can however promise that we are free of all common allergens and through following extremely strict policies and protocols we ensure that no children with any allergy come into contact with it.

All our food is Gluten Free. This means that all our wholefood ingredients must have a Gluten Free certificate. Some foods, whilst not containing gluten naturally may be packaged in a factory with other glutenous ingredients.

No Peanuts are used in any of meals or snacks. Since peanuts carry such a significant risk and relatively low nutitional value we decided to omit them from the menu.

Organic, Parabens Free and Fragrance Free soaps are manufactured in-house to ensure control over the ingredients. Neutragenic liquid soaps and shampoos are used through our setting and have been specifically desined to be gentle and non-toxic. We have used many soaps in the past and have encountered many allergen issues.

Staff Training & First Aid

All our staff are trained in our allergen policies before working with the children and are aware of allergy control. We have a number of systems in place to ensure that any child with allergies can not come into contact with a harmful allergen.

We aim to maintain a 100% First Aid trained staff. As new staff join they are enlisted for the next available course.

Organic, Parabens Free and Fragrance Free soap as part of our allergy control