Reception 2 (4-5 yrs)

Please note that the boundaries of the British Early Years Foundational Stage curriculum cannot be clearly marked by age group. The following expectations across the British Curriculum's developmental areas are guidelines only.

We challenge children who make advances in certain areas just as we support those children slower to achieve developmental targets.


Play develops and becomes much more 'sophisticated' during this year. Rules of games become more complex, designs of structures and constructions more intricate, artwork more detailed.


Children in Reception 2 are now very independent in all aspects of personal health. They understand how to keep healthy and regularly wash hands throughout the day and after using the toilet, all completely independently.


With strong communication skills grasped, the children in Reception 2 are confidently able to explain, offer opinion and suggestions as to why something might be. Some children know the importance of testing theories and are able to set up experiments, with support. Project exploration ideas are researched with more independence and their resource requirements communicated more effectively.

Physical Development:

Children in Reception 2 are confident movers with the strength and dexterity to play target and evasion games and the understanding to plat team and invasion games. Climbing, balancing, hoping, throwing and jumping are all secure gross motor skills by now and are integrated into games created by the children.


Reading and writing flourish in this year. The daily rehearsal of sound recognition and letter writing over the past year has resulted in confident word and sentence readers and writers! The children are typically proud of their new-found communication skills and will often practice outside of Phonics activities, both in the classroom and outside.

Be ready to listen your child read and show off their skills!


Children will now have a secure understanding of numbers and start to become confident in processes such as addition and subtraction through games and activities. Shape and measures and estimating become important skills when designing, making and creating. Teachers and support staff will look for opportunities to support and extend mathematical knowledge during play and project work.

Knowledge of the World

With newly equipped literacy skills, books and texts can now be accessed and self-learning begins. This is an exciting time for both children and teachers a like. Children are now able to read the adjoining text to the pictures and photos and will ask questions accordingly. This often sparks inspiration for new projects.

Expressive Arts & Design

Children will want to improve and hone their design and artistic skills and might seek adult support or attempt to copy references from books or the internet. Many children will have strong preferences for specific art forms and media. Teachers may introduce new forms to the children if they think they might enjoy a slightly different field of exploration.

Preparing for project exhibitions often requires the combination of artistic and literacy skills. The children are encouraged, when able, to explain their creations or perhaps make a simple sign or label.

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