We follow an adapted Reggio Emilia Approach

Learn to be Socially Responsible

Understand the Importance of a Healthy Diet

Are Nurtured by Qualified Professionals

Learn to be Ethical and Compassionate

Become Independent Learners

Are Protected from Harmful Allergens

Unlocking your child’s potential

  • High levels across all subjects can be achieved through an excellent phonics program. When a child learns to read, they begin to learn for themselves.
  • Quality mathematics programs don’t only teach the basics but they also show children how to apply what they have learnt in all subjects.
  • Reggio style child-led topics mean the children are in charge of what they learn, making learning relevant and motivating.
  • A solid scientific inquiry focuses on the method rather than the outcome. Whilst knowledge is important the route to knowledge is what counts most.

Committed to reducing our footprint and empowering future generations with the passion to bring about real change.

Wholeheartedly encouraging healthy attitudes to food and exercise whilst cultivating mental and physical well-being.

Devoted to creating a balanced curriculum reflecting life skills, subject knowledge and social awareness.

Qualified teachers matter

  • Skilled educators, child-care experts and pastoral carers in every classroom are essential for the holistic development or each individual.
  • Fluent, experienced Assistants proficient in the teaching of Phonics are the perfect support for any classroom teacher.
  • Excellent communication between Parents, Teachers, Head of School and Directors eliminates all barriers to development.
  • All staff have teaching degrees and Thai assistants have TOEIC scores of 800+ or the equivalent in IELTS.

Play Is The Work of the Child” – Maria Montessori.

Learning is best through play

We take play very seriously at British Early Years Centre. The curriculum balances child initiated play and teacher led play. We believe that children should be free to choose the type of play, the toys and activities themselves during free play time, in much the same way as Montessori learning. We use the children’s play to gather information in order to inform our own planning so that we can address the needs of each individual child. It is therefore our responsibility to make available to the children, a wealth of resources and different types of play.

Adult led play is more of a balance of the different types of play. We like to ensure that every child has daily opportunities to develop fine and gross motor skills as well as developing their creativity and imagination. Role play is an incredibly important part of the curriculum as it allows language and knowledge to be developed rapidly in a fun and exciting way.

A Reggio Emilia Approach

Children are motivated through choosing projects based on their own interests and experiences.

Children learn to be independent by guiding the direction of the learning. The teacher is a partner who provides learning opportunities.


The environment acts as the third teacher and the children never stop investigating

“A healthy outside, starts from the inside” – Robert Urich

Nutritious home cooked meals

Research shows that healthy eating habits taught in a child’s early years are strongly linked to both health and intelligence later in life.

Learning to cook for themselves and grow their own food allows children to take ownership of what they eat.

Picky eaters learn to love healthy eating through a variety of means. By substituting certain unhealthy ingredients such as flour for oats, or rice for quinoa or by adding beetroot to mash potato, not only are our meals healthy but they become an exciting part of the day.

Our meals are freshly cooked onsite everyday using the finest organic farm to table ingredients. Our menu has been designed to offer the right balance of vitamins, minerals, proteins and fibre that children need to stay strong and healthy, boosting their growth and immune systems.

Allergen free environment

Your child’s well-being is the most important aspect about what we do. As well as minimising all common food allergens from the school menu we have worked hard over the last two years to develop our own range of soap, shampoo and cleaners which are allergen and fragrance free. We are now confident that all our products have the best ingredients without any harmful chemicals.

Air Quality Monitoring

Bangkok has seen higher air pollutants in recent years. Whilst these pollutants are at a level considered ‘safe’ for the majority of the year there are times when the PM 2.5 levels become ‘hazardous’, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). At BEYC we use Air Visual Pro monitors to display real time data for PM2.5, CO2, Temperature and Humidity. This data is available for parents to check via Air Visual App. Levels are monitored throughout the day and we act in line with our policy whenever pollutants become too hazardous.

Every room is now equipped with an air purifier linked to the school’s SMART system. This allows us to monitor the classroom’s temperature, humidity and AQI levels.

Socially and environmentally Responsible

It is vital for children to understand the cause and effect that humans have had on the environment and how climate and wildlife have been permanently affected.


Using the scientific process to conduct experiments, children are able to learn first hand about the real life threats to their planet and most importantly how we can tackle these threats. Project-based topics such as recycling, pollution, renewable energy, waste, overpopulation and deforestation are taught from Foundation to Year 1 and children learn how humans have impacted on their planet.


Awareness-promoting campaigns as well as community charity events, all play a vital role in the children’s understanding of the social problems the world faces. 


It is our goal to empower children with the knowledge to make a difference in the world, reducing their own personal impact on the Earth and also in turn, educating and influencing others around them..

Are you using a bag for life?

Support the children’s latest awareness campaign and start reducing your plastic footprint today!

Children are not things to be moulded but people to be unfolded” – Jess Lair

Investment in People

  • Over staffing policy means high levels of support every day.
  • 4 day working weeks mean teachers are rested and have time to plan outstanding lessons with quality differentiation and excellent resources.
  • A thorough on the job training policy means staff are always learning.
  • An endless resource budget brings lessons to life.
  • Outstanding lessons are a result of teachers receiving plenty of prep time.
  • Happy teachers are more productive, creating better learning opportunities.
  • Over any aspect of the school life, the teacher is a child’s most used resource for knowledge and care.
  • When children are happy they learn better.
  • Children are very sensitive to emotions and will mimic the mood of the adults around them.

What The Parents Say