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About BEYC-2

At BEYC we follow an adapted British Foundation Stage Curriculum, using a Reggio Emilia approach to many aspects of the curriculum. Play and real world application are the cornerstones underpinning the way in which our children acquire knowledge and practice skills.
Open-ended play promotes risk-taking in a safe environment and takes the fear out or failure.

British Early Years Centre is an International Pre-School with a difference. We are a truly visionary school that seeks to educate children in matters of real importance to their lives and as well as our planet.
Balance plays a central role within many aspects of the environment; from the menu to timetable. We balance child-initiated play with teacher-led play, indoor with outdoor play and knowledge and skills development with the nurturing of freedom and creativity. We understand the importance of nurturing creativity but also want our children to leave us equipped with exceptional literacy and maths skills and most importantly with confidence and independence.
Reggio Emilia Project sessions are responsible, not only for the exploration of the world through the 100 Languages but for preparing the children for the world. Our children learn that failure is a natural part of the learning process and become accustomed to the resources and help available to them to make improvements to creations in order to achieve success.

19/2 Inthamara Soi 3, Suttisarn, Sam Sen Nai,
Phayatai, Bangkok 10400

What does an adapted Reggio Emilia approach mean exactly?

Children are motivated through choosing projects based on their own interests and experiences.


Children learn to be independent by guiding the direction of the learning.
The teacher is a partner who provides learning opportunities.


The environment acts as the third teacher and the children never stop their investigation of
the world around them.


We strongly believe that…

Phonics is the cornerstone of our academic success story.
Being an independent reader impacts on absolutely everything!
When a child learns to read they begin to learn independently.


Without real world application Mathematics is useless!
Children need to learn the foundations of mathematical concepts through play and be able to put this knowledge to use, solving exciting and real world problems.


As well as being the optimum type of play for nurturing creativity,
Open-Ended Play encourages risk taking, testing and scientific enquiry. It bolsters our core goal of taking the the fear out of failure and impacts heavily on social and emotional development.

Open-ended playing

Solid Scientific enquiry focusses on the method rather that the outcome.
Knowledge is important but the the route to knowledge is what counts most!


We are committed to:

– Reducing our footprint and empowering future generations with the passion to do the same.

 – Wholeheartedly encouraging healthy attitudes to food and exercise whilst cultivating mental and and physical wellbeing.

 – Creating a balanced curriculum which reflects life skills, subject knowledge and social awareness.

Learning Through Play2

Learning is best through play

We take play very seriously. In particular the balance of play provision throughout the day. Whilst the teacher is seen a facilitator for a child’s creative flow there are times when the teacher is essential in guiding the play activities. Knowledge and skills require slow and methodological introduction and appropriate challenges for individuals must be carefully deliberated and planned for.
Children should have the freedom to choose the type of play they engage in much in the same way as Montessori based learning. This is also an excellent time to observe, listen and assess.
Assessment during play allows us to witness children at their most relaxed and confident. It is a true measure of their abilities and therefore the perfect time to plan for individual needs.
Adut-led play also ensures a balance of types of play provision. Children should have daily opportunities to develop fine and gross motor skills as well as creativity and imagination. Role play is an incredibly important part of our curriculum with opportunities to ‘get into character’ both inside and outside of the classroom. Role play is where language and vocabulary is practiced and developed in a fun and exciting way.

Qualified Teacher Matter

Qualified teachers matter

We only accept teachers holding a Post Graduate Certificate of Education (P.G.C.E.) and we only accept Thai support staff who are fluent in English because:

    • Having skilled educators, pastoral carers and excellent modellers of
      language are all key components to creating the perfect
      environment for the holistic development of each individual.
    • Communication between parents and our staff needs to excellent
      to eliminate any barriers to development.

“Play is the work of the child” – Maria Montessori

Nutritious home cooked meals

Our meals are freshly cooked onsite everyday using the finest farm to table ingredients. We try to support local and small organic farms as much as we can. We aren’t 100% organic but we do our best.
Our menu has been designed to offer the perfect balance of vitamins, minerals, proteins and fibre . . . everything a child needs to stay strong and healthy, boost their growth and immune systems.
               We serve fruit, healthy lunch and an afternoon snack every day.
All our food is gluten free and we try our very best to minimise all common allergens.

“A healthy outside, starts from the inside” – Robert Urich


Allergen free environment

As well as minimising all common food allergens from the school menu we have worked hard over the last few years to develop our own range of soaps, shampoos and cleaners which are allergen
and fragrance free. We are now confident that all our products have the best ingredients without the need for any harmful chemicals.

Air Quality Monitoring

At BEYC we use Air Visual Pro monitors to display real time data for PM2.5, CO2, Temperature and Humidity. This data is available for parents to check via Air Visual App. Levels are monitored throughout the day and we act in line with our policy whenever pollutants become too hazardous.

Every room is now equipped with an air purifier linked to the school’s SMART system. This allows us to monitor the classroom’s temperature, humidity and AQI levels.

Socially and environmentally Responsible

Using the scientific process to conduct experiments, children are able to learn first hand about the real life threats to their planet and most importantly how what we can do to tackle these threats.
Project-based topics such as recycling, pollution, renewable energy, waste, over-population and deforestation are taught from Foundation to Year 1 and children learn to what extent humans have impacted on their planet.

It is vital for children to understand the cause and effect that humans have had on the environment and how climate and wildlife have been permanently affected.

Awareness-promoting campaigns as well as community charity events all play a vital role in the children’s understanding of the social problems the world faces.

It is our goal to empower children with the knowledge to make a difference in the world, reducing their own personal impact on the Earth and also in turn, educating and influencing others around them.

Support the children’s latest awareness campaign and start reducing your plastic footprint today!

What The Parents Say

Investment in People

  • Over staffing policy means high levels of support every day.
  • 4 day working weeks mean teachers are rested and have time to plan outstanding lessons with quality differentiation and excellent resources.
  • A thorough on the job training policy means staff are always learning.
  • An endless resource budget brings lessons to life.
  • Outstanding lessons are a result of teachers receiving plenty of prep time.
  • Happy teachers are more productive, creating better learning opportunities.
  • Over any aspect of the school life, the teacher is a child’s most used resource for knowledge and care.
  • When children are happy they learn better.
  • Children are very sensitive to emotions and will mimic the mood of the adults around them.

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