Covid-19 Update

As well as following strict sickness and daily hygiene protocols, all resources, rooms and furniture are sprayed and sterilized daily with an anti-viral / anti-bacterial spray.

Extreme measures have been taken at this time to minimise contact between children in different classes as well as age groups. Mask- wearing in all areas of the environment is also currently being enforced.

For our latest Covid-19 updates please contact our management team.

Your children’s health & safety is our biggest priority.

The following practices and procedures ensure that our children remain safe, secure and healthy at all times.


  • Pick-Up cards with ID must be shown to before any child is collected.
  • All Interior doors are passcode locked at all times.
  • All interior gates remain bolted at all times.
  • Our children are adult-supervised at all times of the day.
  • Total CCTV coverage


  • Toilets and washrooms are thoroughly cleaned and inspected every 30 mins.
  • Gentle, fragrance-free and parabens-free organic soaps produced by BEYC are used throughout the school for the cleaning of hands and body.
  • Bacterial and viral disinfecting is carried out on all resources, furniture and equipment, daily.
  • Thermometer check for all school entrants


  • Major allergens are strictly prohibited.
  • Outside food and drinks are strictly prohibited.
  • All ingredients used are whole-foods, gluten-free, chemical free and organic wherever possible.
  • All staff to be First Aid trained within a month of joining our team.
  • Allergy Free Soaps

Air Quality Management

  • Contribute data to global...
  • Air Purifiers in all rooms
  • Strict inside play policy when PM2.5 level over 100
  • PM2.5 filters fitted to Air Conditioning units