International Kindergartens in Bangkok : Montessori Schools In Bangkok

Wooden toys used at Montessori kindergartens in Bangkok

Montessori Schools in Bangkok : Something to consider. Montessori Schools in Bangkok and Montessori Kindergartens range and vary immensely throughout the city. So much so that we would suggest some serious investigative research and visits to be done if you are considering a Montessori school in Bangkok for your child. The first thing to understand…

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Reggio Emilia – The Principles of the Reggio Emilia Approach

children play during Reggio Emilia project at British Early Years Centre International Kindergarten, Bangkok

This post attempts to introduce and give an overview of the guiding principles and beliefs of the Reggio Emilia Approach. The Hundred Languages of Children The approach emphasizes the importance of children’s symbolic language. The hundred “languages” are the many modes of expression, such as speech, writing, movement, drawing, painting, sculpture, shadow play, collage and…

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Reggio Emilia : The Benefits of Open-Ended Play

Open-ended play at British Early Years Centre International Kindergarten Bangkok

We often ask any visitors to our setting to actively watch and listen to groups of children using loose parts in the garden. It is really only when one observes that the abundant benefits of open-ended play shine though. Language Whilst we generally don’t encourage interrupting play, asking the children what they are making is…

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Reggio Emilia : What is Loose Parts Play ?

organised loose parts at at British Early Years Centre International Kindergarten, Bangkok

The 5 S’s of creating’ Loose Part’ Collections Loose Parts play refers to the open-ended type of play commonly found in schools and kindergartens following a Reggio Emilia approach to learning. The creative nature of the play lends itself to the Reggio curriculum which places importance on children having creative freedom. What are loose parts?…

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