Dried fruit: Glorified candy?

Dried fruit is an easy portable snack, perfect for any lunchbox but there are a few things that you might want to know first. Dried fruit is only a quarter of the size of fresh fruit and while this means you only need to eat a smaller sized portion to get the same nutritional benefits, […]

Processed Meat

Processed meats have been in the news for some time now and gained some notoriety in terms of health problems but before we get into that, take a look at how some of these foods are made. Processed meats are generally higher in calories than fresh meat so add to unhealthy weight gain. They al

Unhealthy fruit juices

Fruit juices hit the lunchbox scene with a bang as a healthy replacement for fizzy drinks. Children’s lunch boxes suddenly began to be packed with juices of all types of weird and wonderful flavours. Juice is amazing. It is tasty, kids love it and each carton is full of nutrients and vitamins.

0% Fat Free

We are all prone to spelling mistakes and the odd oversight but Thailand seems notorious for not checking English before promoting expensive advertising campaigns. I have seen schools advertising ‘where chlidren come first’ and banners covering the whole of Ramkamheng and the Sports Au

Fructose the sweetest killer

Would you ever give alcohol to a child? The answer is obviously no, but you may be doing the next worst thing. You may have noticed that at the British Early Years Centre we are very much into healthy living. Healthy lunches for children have been of huge importance in the UK ever since Jamie [&hell

Some Foods Just MUST Be Organic

Organic produce is generally a lot more expensive than non organic, however the difference in price is getting smaller. Those on a budget but still want to avoid as many pesticides as possible, should take a look at this blog post by Eat Local. They discuss the fruits and vegetables to avoid and the

Gardening with the kids

Take a look at this thorough article on gardening with kids. It includes reasons why gardening is so important for young children, offers advice on how to grow at home and explains which plants are the easiest to cultivate. Start off with quick and easy plants to grab the children’s interest a