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allergen-free soaps for sensitive skin

The Best Allergen-Free Soaps in Bangkok

Neutragenic is a gentle, organic, allergen-free, fragrance-free and parabens-free soap developed in-house at British Early Years Centre, International Kindergarten in Bangkok. The soap is outsourced but the ingredients have been selected by the kindergarten as it was important to us to have control over all ingredients within the school environment. BEYC has used a number…

natural phonics learning materials at British Early Years Centre International Kindergarten, Bangkok

Phonics in Bangkok – A parent’s guide to the Curriculum Part 1

In this series of posts we want to cover as much of the basics as possible giving parents an overview of the phonics curriculum, the essential teaching objectives and what the perfect phonics lesson should include. We want to share some tried and tested games that can easily be replicated at home as well as…

Little Legend Playsets at British Early Years Centre International Kindergarten

Little Legend – Nature Inspired Play

Reggio Emila Playsets and Multi-Sensory Play Resources Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to learning Little Legend create natural play opportunities to inspire imagination and creativity in children. Believing in the importance of nature and the many benefits the connection brings us all, their beautiful playlets, home made sensory play resources such as dough, as…

Sweet potato gelato at British Early Years Centre International kindergarten in Bangok

Tried & Tested Healthy Recipes for Kids: Sweet Potato Gelato – Nutritious Ice Cream!

This 4 ingredient ice-cream which uses a highly nutritious vegetable and benefits from its fantastic colour is a winner. Packing in lots of protein, fiber, Manganese, Copper, Potassium and Iron as well as Vitamins B6 & C. Its also full of anti-oxidants. Ingredients (24 servings) 8 sweet potatos, 4 cups Organic Coconut Milk (full fat),…

Open-ended play at British Early Years Centre International Kindergarten Bangkok

Reggio Emilia : The Benefits of Open-Ended Play

We often ask any visitors to our setting to actively watch and listen to groups of children using loose parts in the garden. It is really only when one observes that the abundant benefits of open-ended play shine though. Language Whilst we generally don’t encourage interrupting play, asking the children what they are making is…

organised loose parts at at British Early Years Centre International Kindergarten, Bangkok

Reggio Emilia : What is Loose Parts Play ?

The 5 S’s of creating’ Loose Part’ Collections Loose Parts play refers to the open-ended type of play commonly found in schools and kindergartens following a Reggio Emilia approach to learning. The creative nature of the play lends itself to the Reggio curriculum which places importance on children having creative freedom. What are loose parts?…


Tried & Tested Healthy Recipes for Kids : Kale & Walnut Smoothies – Vitamin Packed & Delicious

Smoothies are one of the easiest ways to sneak some goodness into a meal without any compromise on taste. This super easy smoothie combines the sweetness of a banana with nutrient dense kale and walnuts. A pinch of cinnamon also works really well with these combination if you want to boost anti-viral and anti bacterials…

bag for life at British Early Years Centre International Kindergarten, Bangkok

Bag For Life

This term Reception 1 has recently completed a topic on Pollution. In an attempt to extend our class topic and allow the children to start making a difference outside of school we have made our own ‘Bag For Life’ bags. We hope that our children encourage their parents and others around them to use the…


Did you know that children learn best through play?

Children have preferences for different types of play. Some children will want to be creative during playtime whilst others may prefer to dress up and role-play with friends. An effective early years environment should always have resources in place for the children both inside and outside of the classroom and for all types of play.…