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brain activity in children

Brain Activity in Children

We all know how important it is to keep our body active. The result of inactivity is easily traceable and visually intrusive in our everyday lives. The dangers of being physically inactive are well documented. However a subject that is also well researched, but somewhat less popular for mainstream audiences, is the topic of brain…


Should we simplify language for children?

As adults we are generally very poor at learning new languages. According to Ronald Kotulak (1996) “during… …the first three years of life, the foundations for thinking, language, vision, attitudes, aptitudes, and other characteristics are laid down,” For this reason early childhood is the best time for your child to be picking up new languages.…

Undue Praise

Undue Praise

Good job! Well done! Nice work! I myself use these words often. It is something that we have all done and we will no doubt continue to do through forces of habit, but just how useful are these words? GoStrengthsOnline recommend 3 ways to praise children without using these terms and why it is so important…

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Underestimating your child

Wherever I look these days I see articles and commentators making a big thing about not pushing children and that they should be free to enjoy their childhood rather than being thrown into formal learning. I couldn’t agree more, however, it is a shame that so many of these arguments and articles are so narrow…


The Benefits of Reading

One of the easiest and often most overlooked aspects of child development is simply just taking the time to sit and read together; the emphasis lying with the word “together”. Reading should be a shared experience and not just one way. When we say one way we mean either by the parent reading and the…


Is My Child Gifted or Talented ?

  What is Giftedness? There are some common characteristics that many gifted children will show, often from a very young age. The following traits and characteristics grouped by type are typical amongst children in their infancy through their early years. Cognitive Excellent memory Fast learner Very good problem solver Large vocabulary for age Highly curious…

Supermarket Tantrums- A War of Attrition

Supermarket Tantrums- A War of Attrition

There is nothing more embarrassing than looking on helplessly as your child throws a temper tantrum in the cereal aisle of Tesco Lotus. Your the CEO of a powerful attorney office. You deal with hard headed, difficult people on a day to day basis. Your skills and deft in areas of negotiation and leadership are what…

How Can I Stop My Child From Biting

How Can I Stop My Child From Biting ?

Most parents will at some point have the experience of having to respond to their child having bitten another playmate. It is very common and something that new parents should prepare for. In my experience, when a child bites once, you can sure enough bet that they will bite again. And it is often the…

Why does my child bite

Why Does My Child Bite?

  1.Teething The first time that a parent might expect their child to bite will be between the ages of 1-3 and this will be something that they will naturally grow out of. This is because they are in pain and biting and chomping on things gives temporary relief. It is something that still needs…