Bag For Life

bag for life at British Early Years Centre International Kindergarten, Bangkok

This term Reception 1 has recently completed a topic on Pollution. In an attempt to extend our class topic and allow the children to start making a difference outside of school we have made our own ‘Bag For Life’ bags. We hope that our children encourage their parents and others around them to use the bags when out grocery shopping.

Pollution is just one aspect of our Social Responsibility curriculum at BEYC. The curriculum comprises of topics and class projects every half term which allow the children to increase their awareness of environmental issues caused by factors such as overpopulation and deforestation.

As educators we believe it is our responsibility to educate and inform our children on the cause and effect that humans have had on the environment and most importantly the ways in which we can all make a difference, slowdown and perhaps reverse these otherwise catastrophic environmental changes.

Our aim as a school is for our children to leave us at 6 years of age with the knowledge and understanding, not only to start to reduce their personal impact on the planet but also in turn, to educate and influence others around them.

Topics such as these often help our children build creativity and critical thinking skills as well as make informed and responsible decisions as a result of newly gained knowledge, now and for the rest of their lives.

If you would like start reducing your plastic footprint, our very stylish bags are available for 100 Baht (cost price) from the school office.