Creating unhealthy stigmas

We often say things without really thinking about the true effect of our words. How many of us have said some of these lines? 1) “You can’t leave the table until you have eaten all of your vegetables” 2) “If you don’t finish your homework there will be no TV” 3) &

Cooking up a healthy education

Finding creative ways to learn is paramount to setting a good foundation in education. Over the last decade or so we have seen a shift in the way in which we approach learning. The concept of learning is changing and we are finding more and more creative ways to teach and for information to be [&hel

Separation issues: First day at school

Probably the hardest thing for a parent to stomach is turning away from their crying child and leaving them in the hands of a stranger. At any nursery, kindergarten, school or daycare it is a scenario that occurs regularly throughout the year. It is extremely difficult for a parent to leave their ch