Why Vitamin K is so Important and How You Can Get Your RDV.

It is important during pregnancy to ensure that you getting enough Vitamin K . The vitamin is well known for building strong bones and making sure that your foetus is receiving enough minerals to develop healthy bones. For expecting mums, its blood clotting qualities are particularly important. One common health problem associated with pregnancy is the onset of varicose veins and a deficiency in Vitamin K exacerbates this ailment. It is very common for people to be deficient in this vitamin so it is important that the most vitamin k rich foods do form part of your pregnancy diet and that you are aware of how to get you recommended Daily Value (DV).

In fact if you are eating a healthy balanced diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables the chances are that you are getting enough as it is a vey common naturally occurring nutrient.
The following list however shows the foods that pack the highest concentration of Vitamin K and show the percentage of you DV and can be considered super foods in this way.

Vegetables with the highest concentration:

Kale 1 Cup = (1180% DV)
Spinach 1 Cup = (987%DV)
Mustard Greens 1 Cup = (922%%DV)
Collard Greens 1 Cup = (858%DV)
Beets 1 Cup = (774%DV)
Swiss Chard 1 Cup = (636%DV)
Turnip 1 Cup = (588%DV)
Parsley 1 Cup = (554%DV)
Broccoli 1 Cup = (245%DV)
Brussels Sprouts 1 Cup = (243%DV)

Fruits with the highest concentration:

Kiwifruit 1 Cup = (31%DV)
Tomato 1 Cup = (16%DV)
Blueberries 1 Cup = (32%DV)
Grapes 1 Cup = (25%DVDV)
Pear 1 Cup = (9%DV)