Why I Believe British Early Years Centre is the Best School in Bangkok

It’s a bold claim I know. But one that I firmly stand by. There are some very good reasons why I consider the British Early Years Centre to be among the top international schools in Bangkok. Put frankly, it follows a very simple formula that most schools either do not choose to use since business values and constraints cause too much conflict or it is simply that a school has grown too big and lost its intimacy and control over its core values. Let’s face it, there isn’t a school anywhere that doesn’t promote the best possible education in the best possible setting. And it is true that many of the international schools in Bangkok do have some truly amazing settings.

The inspiration to open the British Early Years Centre was born from so many common problems that teachers and schools faced whether in Thailand, Europe or the U.K. Either authoritarian top-down pushes from government or authoritarian style management stifle creativity amongst the teaching staff or budgetary controls prevent teachers from teaching outstanding lessons as a lack of resources and tools makes it too much of a struggle.

Now there are probably a handful of schools in Bangkok with an excellent staff of qualified teachers and some of those may be lucky enough to have access to huge budgets. But what the British Early Years Centre can offer above this are the incredibly small class sizes and the exceptional good adult to child ratios. We are unique in the fact that we employ a staff in line with the big international schools in Bangkok and we only employ Thai assistants with high TOEIC or IELTS scores.

So the formula is simple: 

  • Very small class sizes.
  • Passionate and experienced teachers.
  • Highly proficient English speaking Thai staff.
  • Allow teachers the freedom to create an exciting topic and project-based curriculum and the freedom to tweak and change it whenever they feel something could be improved.
  • Allow teachers to do the job that they were trained to do and use the skills they have gained throughout their careers and professional development.
  • Shelter teachers from paperwork and unnecessary tasks.
  • Make the teaching as easy as possible for teachers through the provision of quality resources and tools as well as providing a supportive learning environment.
  • Ensure that all staff have more than enough time to rest and recuperate; long holidays and weekends with no marking of work or preparation of resources.
  • Ensure there is a continual focus on healthy and ethical living, inspiring children to look after their bodies and the environment.
  • Educate the children about food at an early age allowing them to make the right lifestyle choices from the very beginning of their lives.
  • Provide a menu that is 100% organic and only use organic soaps and cleaning agents.
  • Never let financial profit deter the school from its core values and original mission.

These very important ingredients are the recipe for a very successful school and the result is an incredibly happy staff, able to support and nurture the potential in children in the only way that they should. The knock on effect is obvious.

And truth of the matter is, there are simply not many schools that can make these claims and boast these qualities. And that truly is a shame. But that is why I stand by my claim that BEYC is the best International School in Bangkok.