Why Does My Child Bite?



The first time that a parent might expect their child to bite will be between the ages of 1-3 and this will be something that they will naturally grow out of. This is because they are in pain and biting and chomping on things gives temporary relief. It is something that still needs to be discouraged however, no matter how ‘normal’ it is.

2.Exploration in Development

Just as babies will use their hands to explore the fascinating world they have found themselves in, they also use their teeth. There is nothing malicious about it, they are simply exploring what they see with all their senses. Every baby will try virtually anything in their mouths.

3.Attention Seeking

As children grow a little older they will more than likely go through stages of craving extra attention from you or other adults such as their teachers. Biting is just one of the ways that gets children instant attention, perhaps the best way. It is a bad behaviour and definitely something to be concerned about. That is to say, parents and teachers should make every effort to be proactive in finding a way to prevent this from occurring again. The nature of the cause means that this will most certainly reoccur again and again. Often when new siblings come along or other big changes occur, children will experience a decrease in attention.


Just as with hitting, biting is a way for children assert themselves. Often in the classroom or nursery environment, sharing of toys causes most problems and arguments. It might be that your child just wants to be left alone to play by themselves. When children are young the only way they know to deal with these frustrations is to physically hurt the other child. Biting is one way that quickly communicates their feelings.

5. Habitual Biting

A minority of children do continue biting well past the infancy and toddlers stages. Sometime more serious psychological can result in children biting habitually for many years. This is a cause for concern and professional help should be sought.

Discover how to reduce or even prevent biting incidents at home or at school.


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