Vitamin C in Your Pregnancy Diet – Do You Know Your RDV ?


Vitamin C or ascorbic acid, is well known for its importance for fighting off diseases such as colds and flu but it is also an important nutrient that helps our bodies to rebuild tissue, protect cells, keep skin healthy and even strengthen bones as it aids the body in the synthesis of calcium. This amazing vitamin is also responsible for improving brain function. We should all have a recommended daily intake of around 80-90 mg. Pregnant woman should be consuming at least 85-90 mg per day and up to 120 mg once breastfeeding.

Ensuring that you are getting your correct daily value is actually much easier than you thought. It might surprise you to know just how many sources of foods there are that contain good amounts of the Vitamin. Of course a diet completely lacking in Vitamin C is very bad for the body and signs that you are deficient could be bruising, inflammation of the gums, unhealthy and dry skin. In the past sailors experienced the worst side-effects of a vitamin c deficient diet with contracting scurvy which can even result in death. This is practically impossible in today’s world however in rare cases babies are born with the disease. You would have to be eating an appallingly bad diet during pregnancy for this to occur. Your baby is going to need daily amounts as your body Vitamin C is an integral part of collagen production which in turn helps build bones, tendons, skin and cartilage.

Likewise too much of the vitamin can also be harmful. Getting the correct amount is important during pregnancy where excessive amounts will cause upset stomachs and animal studies have shown it to be a factor in preterm birth. Don’t worry too much though as long as you are consuming a food rich in the vitamin each day you will be fine.

Here is a list courtesy of of the most common foods that contain vitamin c in high amounts.

Strawberries 1 Cup = (167%DV)

Orange Juice 8 ounces = (124%DV)

Grapefruit Juice 8 ounces = (94%DV)

Papayas 1 Cup = (147%DV)

Kiwi Fruit 1 Cup = (278%DV)

Bell Peppers 1 Cup = (569%)

Guava 1 Cup = (209%)

Dark Leafy Greens 1 Cup = (134%DV)

Broccoli 1 Cup = (135%DV)

Peas 1 Cup = (63%DV)

Tomatoes 1 Cup = (91%DV)