Top 10 Sensory Play

If you are like us and enjoy getting messy but don’t so much enjoy the cleaning up, invest in a sensory tray to carry out all of your sensory fun. Some of these trays can be quite expensive and whilst ours is set up for school, any tub from your local DIY store will suffice. We like big trays generally and if your child can get in it too, all the better! 🙂

Here are some of our favourite ideas for sensory play:

1) Paint and ice: BEYC


2) Shaving foam- Hilary’s



3) Coloured Bubbles –Fun at home


4) Pasta- BEYC


5) Polystyrene- Make do


6) Home-made sand- Imagination tree


7) Pig Sty/Mud Sensory Play- Simple Home Blessing


8) Water Bead Play- Inspired Mama


Water-Beads-Earth-Day-Activities-at-B-Inspired-Mama (1)

9) Soap bubbles- Teaching 2 and 3 Years Olds

bubble water 9


10) Glow in the dark- Growing a jewelled rose

glowing rice sensory play 02