Role Play: Traditional Tales Edition

Traditional tales is a great topic for Kindergarten as there are so many different stories and therefore so many different possibilities for learning. The children have been reading the 3 little pigs and the story of the 3 bears as they are both based around the number 3 . We always start off by reading the story and discussing what has happened, what the children thought of the characters and what they think the characters felt at different times in the story. We also like to do a bit of hot seating to try to help the children empathise.

Here are some ideas for where you can go with these stories,, although we appreciate there are thousands of ways you can take this. We first made some houses in art:

10366146_432360960250222_4647280099397585074_n 10390328_432361006916884_579420005806580121_n


We then moved on to talking about structures. I like the children to be as free as possible when doing any activity. I try to ask them questions that lead them to a logical answer but if they are too engrossed with what they are doing I leave them to it and observe. I always ask them why they took that path.



Next we did some science involving Too hot, Too cold, Too sweet, Too salty. Our focus was on the vocabulary and how to adjust the taste too make the food edible.


Finally the children acted out the stories and we discussed some alternative endings.