Reading With Bingo

maxresdefaultThis is a fun activity that the kids absolutely love to play and it is so simple. Simply print off a template with however many sections you want. If you have access to a laminating machine, it helps to laminate them and use a whiteboard marker that can easily be rubbed off. If you have a bit of time, put some pictures of your child’s favourite story characters on, or even print out tokens. If you don’t have much time, any object will do, the children still love it.


Maths- You can play this with numbers or even sums as well. Sometimes we use basic sums such as 5 +4 and then the children must find the number 9. You can use different shapes or shape names. It works with pretty much any topic and is great for a quick revision.

Phonics- In this lesson we were using tricky/sight words but sometimes we use words based around the sound of the day, e.g. for oi we would have boil, soil, coil etc… At a basic level you can also just use the initial letter sounds.