Phonics Teaching Games : Phonics Raceway

Phonics Raceway

An outright favourite with our kids. It is a little resource-heavy for the teachers but it is worth the effort.  The children drive their cars around the playground (or racetrack if you have one in your setting) and need to stop at every signpost to read a word.

It can be played in a variety of ways. With younger children, keep the sounds to a small selection, but with older children words can be used and graded. We often use colour coded editable cards to differentiate, so the children could either choose and receive points for selecting and successfully reading a card. The more tricky the word, the more points the card is worth. It may be that the teacher expects some children to read trickier cards if the group is of a mixed ability.

The game should be fast paced and could or could not be played in teams competing against each other. Either way the children love playing this activity.

Resources needed: Play Cars / Sign Posts / Editable and Graded Sign Cards

Phonics Raceway

Phonics Raceway

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