Phonics Teaching Games : Musical Phonics


Musical Phonics

A classroom favourite and great for a starter or main activity. The children all have whiteboards and pens set out at their tables ready to write. Music is played and whilst it is playing the children have to dance on the carpet / play area. As soon as the music stops the teacher calls out a word to be written. The children quickly (and safely) move to their table and segment the word if it is phonetically decodable or spell it, if a tricky word.

Alternatively the children can play outside if your setting has an exterior sound system. Word cards can be spread out on the ground and while the music plays the children run around and dance. As soon as the music stops the children run to pick up a card to read it aloud to their teacher.

We love the classic “Yakety Sax‘ at the moment. It really gets ALL the children moving.

Resources needed: Whiteboards / Sound System

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