Fine Motor Activities – Chopsticks / Tweezers

Activity: Using chopsticks is a difficult enough skill to grasp as an adult let alone a toddler, but when they have been fashioned in such a way to secure the two ends together, this allows them to be used more as tweezers. This is achieved simply by fastening an elastic band around the two fatter ends of the chopsticks and using a wedge of folded paper in a position that allows the two sticks to work as a lever. Cotton wool balls are a perfect object to be picked up as they allow for good purchase.

Differentiation: This activity can be played with either chopsticks or child friendly tweezers. The difficulty will depend on the particular implements themselves. Whilst tweezers (shop-bought) can be much easier to manipulate for tiny hands, some brands are in fact more resistant making the pinching movement quite a challenge in itself. The easiest way to differentiate for more able children is to change the items to be picked and positioned. These could range from play dough balls to nuts and seeds even.