5 Great Gadgets To Get Your Baby Off To Sleep

Following our post about sleep depravation in toddlers we have put together our top 5 gadgets for helping your little one get off to sleep quickly and help you keep to your child’s all so important sleeping routine.



1.Watch Over Me Dream Station

A high-tech mobile that features an intelligent cycle of phases based on your baby’s sleep and movement patterns. Dream Station plays music and emanates soft lighting to calm babies in their cot. A built in sensor detects movements and adjusts the music and sounds accordingly. Soft mood lighting will come on automatically if they wake in the night.-Yes please.


2. Vicks Starry Night Cool Mist Humidifier

A nice star light projection for your baby to look at and drift off to sleep to, coupled with a neat vapour dispensing humidifier. Whilst is can be used every day on a low setting, it can also be cranked up for those times when your baby is all bunged up and cannot sleep. This also eliminates the risk of your baby getting any actual vapour rub in their eyes by accident.

Self Heating Bottle

3. Liamo Go Self-Warming Feeding Bottle

We love this. A sleek bottle with a built-in heating element, your baby’s cold and unappealing bottle will be a thing of the past. Warm milk whenever and wherever you are. Love this.


4. Vibe Vibrating Mattress Pad

Slip this discreet pad under your baby’s mattress and create gentle, nothing vibrations to help them to drift off. We already have one and it works great.


5. Slumber Bear

Slumber Bear, developed by a doctor, uses an actual intra-uterine womb sound that helps to lull babies off to sleep. When your baby awakes the movement and sound sensors re-activate the sounds. I want one.