Choosing the best preschool for your child…

Safe, secure, caring school

  • 100% Organic nutrient-rich menu.
  • Allergen Free cleaning agents and soaps.
  • Salt-Water Swimming Pool.
  • Advanced Electronic Security System.
  • CCTV in every class
  • Play-Safe custom designed rubber playground and outdoor learning environment.

A small, warm, home away from home

  • Friendly, approachable caring staff.
  • Cosy, Quiet, Healthy green space.
  • Open, Honest and Transparent Service.

Will be one of the most important decisions that you make, as a parent.

Excellent adult to child ratio

  • Maximum class size of 16 children supported by 4 highly skilled teachers.

Highly Qualified, Experienced Teachers

  • Fully Qualified British Early Years Teachers in Early-Childhood education.
  • All Support staff are highly proficient in English with TOEIC scores averaging 800.

You need to be sure that the school you choose..

Unique Curriculum

  • Adapted British Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum delivered through the Reggio Emilia approach.
  • Perfect Balance of Child-Led -Play and Teacher-Led-Play.
  • Early focus on Phonics, Reading and Writing skills to enable Self-Learning throughout Reception and Key Stage 1.
  • Child-Initiated and Project-Based Approach to Learning.
  • Ethical and Socially Responsible topics; Recycling, Renewable Energy.
  • Back-to-basics learning: cooking, gardening, engineering, design and technology.
  • Outdoor Learning Environment for Exploratory and Sensory Learning.

Advanced streaming initiative

  • Children grouped by ability and challenged appropriately.
  • Differentiated small group teaching
  • Gifted and Talented children able to advance at their own speed.
  • Confidence boosted for shyer or less able children.

offers everything that your child deserves.

Chosen as the leading Preschool and Kindergarten setting in Thailand.

  • Recognised by the European Chamber of Commerce for our continual drive to offer the best quality of education and care.

Guaranteed proficiency in reading and writing for Thai and English.

  • Early phonics and literacy programme.
  • Thai phonics.
  • Hard copy and online reading schemes to promote and boost reading at home.
  • Daily reading and writing activities from age 3.

Visit BEYC and let us explain why we are the best option for your child.

Technology Enhanced Learning

  • Interactive Whiteboards.
  • Sensory light boards.
  • In-class i pads.

Independency Programme

  • Encouraging Independence socially and academically at every stage in their development.
  • Educating children about making healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Toilet Training, Hygiene Awareness, Independent Eating and Dressing.