Why we believe

we are the best kindergarten in Bangkok

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Natural Environment


Our lush, green and jungly environment offers a safe and peaceful oasis in the city where children feel at home to relax, explore and develop skills.

Natural materials and resources are found both inside the classrooms and outside in our garden.

We believe that natural objects with ‘open-ended’ possibilities offer children a much richer experience through tactile stimulation and sensory exploration.

Nature is an important part of the Reggio Emilia approach to learning and we take every opportunity to ensure nature is abundant in both our interior and exterior environment.

Balanced Curriculum


Children who learn at British Early Years Centre start their learning journey at a much earlier stage than their peers do in other schools in Thailand or in the U.K.

It is important to note however, that the teaching, across all of the age groups is heavily reliant on game and party based activities.

Teachers incorporate learning objectives into fun, well known games that children love to play, perhaps using familiar toys, puppets and other fun props.

Over-Staffed Classrooms for UNPARALLELED SUPPORT


We have the highest number of trained and skilled adults per child than any other early years setting.
With the sole aim of providing as close to
one-to-one tuition and support as possible we have 1 P.G.C.E. qualified native teacher and 3 fluent support staff each with a minimum TOEIC score of 850.

Over staffing means that we can always differentiate teaching into groups based on the children’s ability.
Small groups also allow for immediate assessment which can be used to inform the next group activity.

Small Group Activities for EVERYTHING


Confidence is developed when children are challenged appropriately, where they feel relaxed to have a go and feel no pressure from making mistakes. Small groups allow teachers to plan for individuals and target specific areas for development. Children are able to feel success on a regular basis and the pride that comes with success. Small groups remove the negative effect on learning that a larger number of peers can have on particular shier or less developed children.

Independent Learning Programs via DAILY ASSESSMENT


Through regular observations and recording of assessment data we adapt our planning and activities to meet the specific learning needs of individuals. 

All our assessment is done Frequently (during daily activities) and most importantly it is done Informally (through observation and questioning during small group play)

N.B. Our children do not do any formal tests or exams. We believe that children perform best and show their most confidence when relaxed.

Highly Qualified Teachers (P.G.C.E.) in Every Year Group


We only recruit ‘qualified’ teachers. This means that they must have a Post Graduate Certificate of Education for a U.K. university as well as experience within the British Curriculum.

We only accept teachers holding a Post Graduate Certificate of Education (P.G.C.E.) and we only accept Thai support staff who are fluent in English because

Qualified teachers:

  • understand child psychology and to decide on and implement strategies to help and support individual learning needs.
  • understand the importance of communication and involvement of parents and carers in the development of young children.
  • are able to effectively use observation and assessment data to plan for individuals and multiple groupings in every lesson.
  • are trained to manage their support staff in the most effective ways.
  • understand the intricacies of the curriculum and the ‘scaffolding’ that is essential for children to make effective progress particularly in Phonics and Maths.

Fluent Support Staff (TOEIC 850+ or IELTS 6.5+)


We have a very strict recruitment policy whereby every Thai national working in the school must be fluent in spoken English and hold either a TOEIC of 850+ or IELTS 6.5+

Many kindergartens recruit teachers with poor grammar, syntax and pronunciation. This can have a very damaging effect on a child’s language development. Sometimes this damage can take years to correct. 

We only want our children to hear as close to perfect spoken English modeled in the school environment. Having excellent ‘modellers’ of language is essential in creating the perfect environment for language acquisition.

Incomparable Literacy and Maths Levels


We are able to boast incomparable literacy, maths and Thai levels. Our curriculum for the core subjects is so strong now that our children are achieving levels and results at least 1 year ahead of the national average in the U.K. In most cases, with children that have studied with us since Foundation, they are more than 2 years ahead in Phonics and Maths.

We achieve this academic excellence by:

  • Qualified Teachers from Foundation – Year 1
  • Daily Assessment of all individuals
  • Small Ability Groupings
  • Differentiated Activities
  • Individual Learning Programmes

Delicious, Nutrient-Rich Home Cooked Meals


Our meals are freshly cooked onsite everyday using the finest farm to table ingredients. We try to support local and small organic farms as much as we can. We aren’t 100% organic but we do our best.

Our menu has been designed to offer the perfect balance of vitamins, minerals, proteins and fibre . . . everything a child needs to stay strong and healthy, boost their growth and immune systems.

Full Plant Based Menu Option


The global movement towards a more plant-based diet has inspired us to design and offer an alternative plant-based menu which is exciting, nutrient-rich and…ethical.

We now offer the first fully Plant-Based children’s menu designed to give children every essential nutrient they need for health and growth without any reliance on the meat and animal industries. 

Allergen Free Environment


As well as minimising all common food allergens from the school menu we have worked hard in recent years to develop our own range of soaps, shampoos and cleaners which are allergen free and without parabens or any other harmful chemicals.

Our food is sourced from both organic and certified chemical-free wholesalers. All food served is also gluten-free, naturally sweetened and very low in sodium.