Sze and Christian

Sze and Christian

Our son attended the school for 3 years, and in that time, learnt about Michaelangelo and David Bowie, developed a fierce passion for learning new things, especially science, and most importantly, grew socially, with teachers who helped him navigate emotions and interactions. Some say teachers are m

Nagatani-Yoshida Kakuko

From what our son, Akira, narrates us every evening, we are assured 100% that BEYC is all about “learning”. Thanks to phonics, in which the school particularly excels, Akira can read and write simple sentences. And, because of this newly found ability, he seems to absorb new information faster n

Paul and Nipa Haines

We’ve really observed Dylan’s development accelerate within just a 6 month period at BEYC.  His social interaction, language skill, level of inquisitiveness of the world, logic (sometimes working against us!) all improved rapidly and he even has fun learning phonics and number games