Meet Our Talented Team

  • The largest source of variation  that determines a child’s ability is their home life and personal background. Within the school environment the quality of teaching is the biggest variable and for that reason it is essential that staffing is a school’s highest priority.
  • Excellent communication between Parents, Teachers, Head of School and Directors eliminates all barriers to development.
  • Skilled educators and pastoral carers in every classroom are essential for the holistic development or each individual.
  • Qualified teachers with specific teaching degrees are not just vital for academic development but also pastoral development too.
  • Attracting and retaining high quality staff is our number one focus. With quality teachers comes high emotional, physical and academic progression.

Meet Our AMAZING Assistants

  • Fluent, experienced Assistants proficient in the teaching of Phonics are the perfect support for any classroom teacher.
  • Teaching assistants are just as valuable as the class teacher and a vital part of a child’s development.
  • Skilled teaching assistants with high levels of English proficiency allow for seamless communication of lesson objectives.

Highly Qualified Teachers + Excellent Support = Very Happy Children