Health as a way of life

Psychological and behavioural management is an essential part of helping children to eat healthily. Children generally tend to be picky eaters and avoid what they perceive to be healthy. Mostly the reaction is based on preconceptions of how they think the food will taste.

Using the correct language when talking about healthy foods and avoiding negative stimuli such as “finish your greens and then you can have your ice cream” can make all the difference. In this sentence it has already been established that the greens are bad and the ice cream is a treat.

Roast Chicken
and Seasonal Vegetables

Breaded Fish
and Potato Wedges

Green Curry
with Spaghetti

Tom Kha Soup
with Jasberry Rice

Spinach and Mushroom


Organic Locally sourced

Balanced, nutrient rich food is essential for a child’s health but its impact on their education is often overlooked. By eating healthily and not missing out on essential nutrients children have better concentration levels, more energy, better motor and cognitive functions and are also generally much happier.

All our food is 100% Organic and most importantly its Clean and Nutrient-Rich. Organic Fruits and Vegetables are seasonal in Thailand so our menu is dependent on their availability. It is great when we can offer the children more exciting options such as Goji Berries and Blueberries and other Superfoods. All the meals are well thought-out and are nutritionally balanced. Ingredients such as Multigrain Rice or Kale are chosen for their impact on the children’s Health, Memory and Concentration.

All food is ethically sourced from the growing organic community in Thailand. Some of these suppliers and farmers visit BEYC to give presentations and educate the children about healthy, sustainable living.

Making food fun

At BEYC we teach children that healthy foods are a food just like any other and can be just as delicious. Having our own line of healthy snacks based on traditional favourites makes food exciting.

Children learn about different food groups and are encouraged to choose the healthier options. By growing and making their own food they soon gain a sense of ownership over their food and are proud to make their own healthy options.

“A healthy outside starts from the inside” Robert Ulrich

Allergen Free

Your child’s well-being is the most important aspect of what we do. As well as minimising all common food allergens from the school menu we have worked hard over the last two years to develop our own range of soap, shampoo and cleaners which are allergen and fragrance free. We are now confident that all our products have the best ingredients without any harmful chemicals.

Bangkok has seen higher air pollutants in recent years. Whilst these pollutants are at a level considered ‘safe’ for the majority of the year there are times when the PM 2.5 levels become ‘hazardous’, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). At BEYC we use Air Visual Pro monitors to display real time data for PM2.5, CO2, Temperature and Humidity. This data is available for parents to check via our website. Levels are monitored throughout the day and we act in line with our policy whenever pollutants become too hazardous.