Encouraging independency at ‘BEYC’


A friendly, warm school where everyone knows your child as an individual.


 Thanks to the unique way in which we teach our children boast high levels in all areas of development.


Teachers are qualified in Early Years education and assistants have an average TOEIC score of 800.


Our campus is safe and secure and children are cared for in the same way that they would be at home.


We have small classes with a 4:1 Teacher : Student Ratio, meaning your child gets individual support.


The children learn current Topic with a mix of advanced technology and grass root facilities.


Foundation is made up of children between the ages of 18 months and 3 years old. In this class the children will begin to learn basic independence through every day routines. Children are taught to look after their own belongings and, whilst aided, are encouraged to use the toilet by themselves and as well as eat independently.
All of our staff are fully trained from the UK and teaching assistants all speak excellent English, with TOEIC scores averaging over 800. This is vital to our program which centres around teaching correct enunciation of English letter sounds. It is especially important at this age that children hear English spoken correctly at all times.
In all of our classes children learn through a range of fun, interactive games, whether it be phonics, maths, art or topic. Games are kept short and there is plenty of free choice for children as well.

Reception 1

Reception 1 consists of children between the ages of 3 and 4 years old. By now children will be able to look after themselves. They will be trusted to go to the toilet and take care of their own belongings as well as eat and wash independently.
Our Reception staff are all fully qualified from British Universities and our assistants have an average TOEIC score of 800. By the end of this phase children will recognise most sounds and will begin to read and write without support.
Reception children learn through a variety of teacher led and child based games. All lessons incorporate some free choice and the children decide when they want to learn and when they want to play by themselves. As the children grow, lessons become more and more Topic orientated.

What The Parents Say

Reception 2

By the time the children reach Reception 2 they will be almost fully independent; not just socially but academically as well. Whilst many lessons are still adult led, the children decide what they want to learn and the teacher provides them with the opportunities they need to grow and learn.
Reception 2 children learn through topics that are integrated into all lessons such as maths, phonics, music and art. We use a mixture of fun, “party” games that the children never tire of. In fact they love to learn and this makes retention so much more efficient.

Year 1

In Year 1 children are completely independent. They will be reading and writing by themselves which means they are now able to research and write about whatever they want. Being able to read and write opens up a world of learning and that is why we put so much focus into phonics at our school.
The teacher offers ideas and arranges activities for the children as well as guides them by showing them ways to find things out for themselves.