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Nicholas Thorne Intervention Teacher B.A. Hons Business Management
P.G.C.E. Early Years
David Walters Learning support B.A. Sports Studies

P.G.C.E Primary and Early Years

Amy Blann Year 1  B.A. Hons 3D design

P.G.C.E. Design and Technology

Jeremy Larpent Reception 2 B.A. Hons Music Production

P.G.C.E Primary and Early Years Education

 Rachel Buckley Reception 1  B.A. English Literature

P.G.C.E Early Years Education

 Katrena Rosiere Foundation  B.A. Ed. English
 Prapatsorn Saringkarn Thai Teacher B.A. Elementary Education

All of our teachers are native English speakers and highly qualified. There is a native teacher in every classroom and they are well assisted  by fluent Englsih speaking Thai staff with exceptionally high TOEIC qualifications. With an average class ratio across the school of 1 child : 4 adults the support that we offer your child is incredible.

We are also lucky enough to have support classes for those children that are gifted and talented as well as provisions for those children needing to catch up a little. Ensuring that all children get the individual support that they need and that they are challenged appropriately is our main teaching and learning focus.

Meet Our AMAZING Teaching Assistants

Highly Qualified Teachers + Excellent Support = Very Happy Children

Support Staff




Overseas Experience

An  940 M.A. English  Thammasart
Jackie  950  M.A. TEFL  Chulalongkorn  Yes
Neeva 6.5 B.A. Business Admin  Assumption Yes
Rin  955  M.A. Economics Chulalongkorn
Bew 750 B.A. Primary Education Suan Dusit
Yui  770  B.A. Hons. Sociology  Chulalongkorn Yes
Grace 6.5  B.A. Hons. Psychology Webster
Fame 700 B.A. Education English/German Chulalongkorn  Yes
Kitty 900 B.A. Food Science and Technology Mahidol
Amm 6.5 B.A. Chinese Chulalongkorn
Fai  915 B.A. English Mae Fah Luang


Selected as THE BEST SCHOOL IN BANGKOK by the European Chamber of Commerce

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