As an International School in Bangkok, where health and cleanliness isn’t a high priority we wanted to offer a service as meticulous healthy as we possibly can. Children swim in a salt-water swimming pool and all the cleaning products used are natural and non-toxic. Shampoos, hand soaps, sanitizers and other cleaning agents are all made from fruit enzymes and are proven in killing 99% of bacteria. Like with our lunches and snacks, we have formed good partnerships with ethically run businesses in Bangkok and we share these ideals with our children as well.

Allergen Free Cleaning

All our food is 100% Organic and most importantly its Clean and Nutrient-Rich. Organic Fruitsand Vegetables are seasonal in Thailand so our menu is dependent on their availability.It is great when we can offer the children more exciting options such as Goji Berries and Blueberries and other Superfoods. All the meals are well thought-out and are nutritionally balanced.Ingredients such as Multigrain Rice or Kale are chosen for their impact on the children’s Health, Memory and Concentration.

All food is ethically sourced from the growing organic community in Thailand. Some of these suppliers and farmers visit BEYC to give presentations and educate the children about healthy, sustainable living.