Specialists in Early Childhood Education

The British Early Years Centre

We are a British International School and Kindergarten located in the popular Ari – Paholyothin area of Bangkok. We follow an adapted British Foundation Stage Curriculum, using a Reggio Emilia approach to some aspects of the curriculum.

‘Balance’ is central to our philosophy. We believe in a balance of child-initiated play and adult-initiated play. We believe in a balance of indoor and outdoor activities as well as a balance of types of play. The preschool programme is set up to allow children to lean topic, phonics, maths and Thai through a balance of fine-motor play, gross-motor play, sensory play, small-world play and role play.

Assessment plays a large role in our planning and teaching. Regular and informal assessment allow our teachers to appropriately challenge  individuals in every single lesson. Small groups with highly trained teachers allow our children to develop in an unprecedented way. This is teaching at its very best.

We consider ourselves to be one of the best International Schools in Thailand and we were recently prestigiously selected by the European Chamber of Commerce as Thailand’s leading Preschools in Bangkok. Our teaching practices are progressive and forward thinking, taking new techniques, ideas and resources and employing them to reach every type of learner.

British Early Years Centre is an International Pre-School with a difference. We are a truly visionary school that seeks to educate children in matters of real importance to their lives and as well as their planet. Many scientific-based topics that encourage questioning and logical thinking are taught and emphasis is put on teaching relevant life skills such as coding and programming in I.C.T., construction using tools and materials or the studying about climate change and energy.

Learning about food and nutrition, cleanliness and keeping healthy are a constant focus for all age groups.

Play-Based Learning Reinvented

Our schools defining success is attributed to having high expectations of all our children. Our kids are capable of so much more than most of us think. Yes, the Early Years should be about creativity, discovery and play, but when learning is completely integrated into play, children are able to achieve an incredible amount. Teachers that are qualified, not only facilitate good teaching practices but the pastoral care and psychology of teaching and raising children has been instilled within them. We merge the skills that the teachers learnt whilst based in British schools, with our own ways of teaching and the result is incredible. We tell teachers to think about every lesson as if it is a children’s party. We have a bank of games and ideas for teaching that is always being added to by our staff. The children learn through fun games and every lesson really does seem like a party to them.

Learning should be fun and the way all schools and kindergartens approach education needs to be changed. Children should have the chance to learn as adults do. We don’t force children to learn but rather we encourage them through our fun activities. More often than not the children want to join in our lessons. We help the children discover learning as a way of life, rather than a process that is just one part of it.

Educating Children To Make Healthy Choices.

As an International School in Bangkok we wanted to  offer as healthy a service as we possibly can. Children swim in a salt-water swimming pool and all the cleaning products used are natural and non-toxic. Shampoos, hand soaps, sanitizers and other cleaning agents are all made from fruit enzymes and are proven in killing 99% of bacteria.

All our school food is 100% organic and nutrient rich. We also have a gluten free option too. Organic fruit and vegetables are seasonal in Thailand so we base our menu around their availability. It is great when we can offer the children more exciting options such as strawberries and blueberries and other superfoods. All the meals are well thought-out and are nutritionally balanced with ingredients such as multigrain rice that are chosen for their impact on the children’s health, memory and concentration.

Life Relevant Learning

It is our job, not only as educators but as responsible adults to make sure children grow to an age where they are old enough, wise enough and informed enough to be able to make important lifestyle choices by themselves. At every step children are learnt to question “why?” This is nothing new and is a key part of all good school curricula around the world, but we take it further. We look into the psychology of learning and don’t just ask children to question everything, but we take away the barriers that make children afraid to ask. We do not enforce time outs or punishments but rather reward good behaviour and make children aware that being good leads to rewards. We don’t force children to say “please” and “thank you” but rather we teach them that it makes people feel happy and they have the choice to make people happy or sad.

Leading By Example

See us in action

  • Reading as a gateway to learning
    Our children are taught the ability to read early, meaning they are capable of accessing a whole world of learning independently.
  • Expressive Learning
    Our children are free to express themselves in any way that they want.
  • FIne Motor Activities
    They don't know it yet, but these children are building the core muscles needed for writing.
  • Learning Through Play
    Children are guided to love learning and why should it be any other way?