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Play based learning reinvented

Indoor and outdoor learning environments
‘Party style’ games
Highly resourced classrooms for engaging learning
Child initiated group projects

Continuous research and innovation

Educational best practices
Creating innovative learning tools
Continuously improving experiences for children, parents and teachers.

Personalised learning plans

Real life application
Whole child development
Advanced streaming programme
Outstanding social and academic levels


The best international kindergarten in Bangkok

  • Small, warm home away from home
  • Highly Qualified British Teachers and Experienced and Proficient Support Staff
  • Excellent adult to child ratio
  • Independency Programme
  • Unique British School based Curriculum
  • Chosen as the leading Preschool and Early Years setting in Bangkok by the European Chamber of Commerce.
  • Safe, Secure and Caring
  • Technology Enhanced Learning Environment
  • Guaranteed proficiency in reading and writing for Thai and English by the end of Reception
  • Advanced Streaming Initiative

Meet Our Qualified School Team

All of our teachers are highly qualified and have experience in Early Years schools. Our support staff are not just carers but they are also in house trained so that they can assist the teachers with lessons. More importantly, we only employ fluent English speaking assistants. Currently the average TOEIC score is 800.

School Facilities

We have a perfect blend of “back to basics” and “advanced” style facilities, from our gardening and engineering areas and our discovery stations to our IPADS equipped with educational games and programming courses.

All of our school’s facilities are to ensure that learning is not only educational but safe too. From  our rubber playground, to our security system you can be confident that your children are in good hands.

Our playground is an extension of the classroom with facilities available to compliment the skills learnt whilst inside. All of our classroom toys have been carefully selected to cover all aspects of a child’s development.


  • CCTV in every classroom and throughout the play areas.
  • Interactive whiteboards, IPADS and tablets
  • Digital roamers and programming facilities
  • Organic garden and recycling units
  • Engineering, electronic and carpentry work spaces
  • Salt water swimming pool
  • 2 play safe rubber playgrounds
  • Science and discovery playground zones
  • A wealth of educational toys
Kindergarten classroom in Bangkok


We don’t just make learning fun, we guide children to love learning. We actively encourage children to suggest their own Topics and we lessons are planned in the form of “party style” games. A lot of psycology goes into how we discuss talk with the children and we avoid associating negative connotations and punishments with learning.

Children wimming in school Bangkok


We actively encourage the growth of ‘natural’ relationships. Our children are polite and respectful or one another and there are some really close groups within the school. This is achieved not by forcing children to play with one another or say their ‘pleases’ and ‘thank yous’, but instead by teaching them the consequences of their actions and showing them how to empathise.

Children laughing together in Kindergarten


The social development of your child is of considerable importance to use and we see it as going hand in hand with academic progress. Children that are the most socially developed are the ones that are the most academically advanced too. We have a special independency program that begins with potty training and shoe lace tying in the foundation stage and culminates with the children becoming completely independent in their own learning by Key Stage 1.

Children developing and hugging in Kindergarten in Bangkok

Our school's levels speak for themsleves!

All of our children work a whole academic year ahead of the National Average for the UK. Children who start in our Foundation classes generally are even more advanced. Our results both academically and socially have brought us recognition by the European Chamber of Commerce who see us as the best practise in our field.


What The Parents Say

From Preschool to Year 1

We follow a British school curriculum with a Reggio Emilia approach, however we have carefully adapted it so that children don’t just reach their expected stepping stones but they break the norms and go beyond what is expected of them. Our children are capable of so much more and it is our own expectations that hold them back.

Children that complete all of our classes have been proven to have 50% higher levels both academically and socially to those that come into the later classes. We do this through a mixture of child led and adult guided activities. A lot of psychology goes into nurturing children to really love learning.

We don’t just make learning fun, we guide children to love learning.

Months Old
Class Size

Foundation 1

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Months Old
Class Size

Foundation 2

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Months Old
Class Size

Reception 1

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Months Old
Class Size

Reception 2

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Months Old
Class Size

Year 1

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Months Old
Class Size

Extra Curricular

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Your Children

Safety and Ethics are a huge part of life at BEYC. Not only do we do everything we can to make sure that children are safe, but we also teach children to actively take part in topics focussed on ethical, sustainable living.

  • Salt Water Pool
  • Allergen Free soaps and cleaning products
  • Organic, healthy, nutrient rich menu
  • Play safe Rubber Playground
  • Advanced security system with CCTV

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A good school is nothing without a loving environment. Your children’s safety and welfare is of utmost importance to us. Being small means that everyone knows everyone and your child will not just be a number. The teachers will know your child inside and out and be in a position to support them both emotionally as well as physically.

Allergen Free

At BEYC we have a vision of caring about every aspect of your child’s life and not just their education. We have set up partnerships with local ethical businesses, such as Jassberry Rice and Lion Cub Naturals. All of our cleaning products and soaps are allergen free and our school food is organic with a gluten free option.


All food is cooked fresh each day within the school. We think it is important to monitor what goes into the lunches and have also liased with a nutritionist to make sure that the menu covers every food group and vitamin possible. All our food is organically sourced locally here in Bangkok, using companies such as Jassberry and Radiance and our milk and yoghurt is fresh from Dairy Home.

Your children’s education and wellfare are our main priorities


  • Children learning programming in Kindergarten Bangkok
    Interactive technology
  • Western children reading in British school Bangkok
    Advanced reading skills
  • Children lying on carpet in Kindergarten in Bangkok
    Relaxing, enjoyable environment
  • Focus on organic, healthy living

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